Nicolas Fuhr
Identity Designer

Specializing in corporate and visual identity, brand building,
creative direction, packaging design, magazine layout, digital design,
strategic design and concept development.









Brand visual identity + Packaging Design

In collaboration with Bold Scandinavian

Agency: Bold Scandinavia
Creative Director: Muggie Ramadani
Designers: Muggie Ramadani & Nicolas Fuhr






VOID — International Animation Film Festival Copenhagen
Brand visual identity + Communication

VOID is Copenhagen's only festival of animation for adults. Festival lasts ten days
and takes place in the Danish Film Institute cinema Cinemateket. The content ranges
from games and short films, music videos, live performances and awards.

Client: VOID
Agency: Fuhr Studio
Design Director: Nicolas Fuhr







Brand visual identity + Packaging Design

Schaf products are natural and organic beauty products,
which ensures increased moisture and health of your skin.

Client: Schaf
Agency: Fuhr Studio
Design Director: Nicolas Fuhr








Brand visual identity

A future-living lab and exhibition space
Proudly supported by IKEA

Space10 is located in the heart of Copenhagen. A space for exploration and inspiration
rooted in the idea that together we can co-create a better everyday life for the many people.

The visual identity of Space10 has focus on simplicity, boldness, grids and dynamic structures.
We have designed a logo that was not only symbolically strong, but also playful and fluid.
We have played with the reference to the open box and to the idea of space being both
physical and metaphysical. Space10 is about curiosity, exploration, discovery and
going beyond the logical boundaries of the mind.

Client / Space10
Head of Design / Nicolas Fuhr
Creative Director / Kaave Pour
Animator / Kasper Nyman
Photographer / Alastair Philip Wiper
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Colour Rain
Brand visual identity

At Colour Rain we specialize in designing and producing fine poster art and it is our
mission to help you reclaim your living room! With our collection of original limited
edition prints of Graphic Design, Typography, Patterns, Collages and Photo Art we
give you a wide range of different expressions to choose from. All of our prints are
produced in small quantities and are individually signed and numbered.

Client / Colour Rain
Designer / Nicolas Fuhr
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Victor Fasahati
Brand visual identity

Client / Victor Fasahati
Designer / Nicolas Fuhr








The True Award
Brand visual identity

The True Award er Danmarks reklamefilmpris. Den årlige begivenhed samler de kreative
ildsjæle og hylder de bedste reklamefilm fra årets løb. Identiteten referere til tv-pauseskærmen,
og understreger at det handler om tv og film. Elementerne fra pauseskærmen er brudt op
i forskellige moduler, som kan bruges dynamisk i forhold til hinanden.

Modulerne er bygget op i et kvadratisk grid, der leder tankerne over på pixels og den digitale
verden vi lever i idag. Elementerne er fleksible og kan skaleres op og ned inden for griddets
rammer og får identitetens udtryk til at blive legende og i bevægelse.

Client / The True Award
Agency / McCann
Designers / Nicolas Fuhr, Christoffer Kildahl, Julius Harrebak
Animator / Andreé Knutsson





Agape Film
Brand visual identity

Client / Agape Film

Agency / Scandinavian Design Group CPH
Designer / Nicolas Fuhr, Muggie Ramadani





Feldfoss Visual Media
Brand visual identity

Client / Feldfoss Visual Media

Designer / Nicolas Fuhr







Trailerpark I/O
Brand visual identity / Magazine

Trailerpark I/O stands for Input/Output and symbolises the discovery of technology,
creativity and human interaction. We bring together rebels from multiple and diverse
artistic and digital landscapes, to explore technologies, co-create radical solutions,
showcase new talents and share ideas.

Client / Trailerpark Festival
Head of Design / Nicolas Fuhr
Head of I/O / Kaave Pour
Photographer / Helena-Lundquist & Rasmus Himmelstrup






Custom Type Development

Client / SEAS-NVE

Agency / Scandinavian Design Group CPH
Creative Director / Muggie Ramadani
Designers / Muggie Ramadani, Nicolas Fuhr & Chester Jenkins (






Brand visual identity

Client / CAKI (Center for Anvendt Kunstnerisk Innovation)
Designer / Nicolas Fuhr